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Atholl palace

Atholl Palace in Perthshire first opened it's doors in 1878, when Scotland was becoming popular as a holiday and health destination. Throughout the years, visitors came to expect motor rallies, fancy dress balls and tennis, with access to the Turkish baths and a beautiful Art Deco building. 

Download the map to explore the Minecraft re-creation set in the Victorian Era, where each room in the hotel is decorated with wallpaper, carpet and drapes in authentic period patters and textiles. Get to know the site’s early history as a Victorian spa, and its important role during World War II. Find out why there's a school room, meet the ghastly ghoul wandering the corridors, and prepare for a Minecraft wedding.

Fun fact: In the Minecraft map, the walls of the library are adorned with digital replicas of the paintings that are still found in the hotel to this day.

If you're new to Minecraft and need help getting started, visit the 'How to Guides'. 

atholl palace.png
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