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St kilda 

St Kilda (Scottish Gaelic: Hiort) is a group of five remote islands, located 200 km off the west coast of Scotland. Thanks to soil samples, ruins and finds such as pottery and tools, archaeologists know that the islands were continuously inhabited for at least two millennia. The last residents were evacuated in 1930, but the island still attracts artists, filmmakers, writers and musicians – and now – you.

Download the Minecraft map to explore the main island of Hirta, which has been recreated on a 1:2 scale. Explore six stories representing different periods of St Kilda's history, hear tales told by characters from the past or take part in a virtual archaeological dig.


The St Kilda Minecraft map is available in three formats: Java Edition for use on PC and Mac, Bedrock Edition (cross platform including Xbox, PlayStation and ipad) and Minecraft: Education Edition for use in schools.  If you're new to Minecraft and need help getting started, or would like some more guidance on which Edition to download visit our 'How to Guides​'. 

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